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This is our Testimonials Page for members, supporters and viewers. Here (through members-only testimonial participation) members are encouraged to express views and opinions and share experiences about the Moorish Rite or Order of Moorish Star to give supporters, candidates, and potential members helpful insight. While we certainly encourage members to contribute testimonials, we never influence what they write or express. Our fraternal integrity is simply legend, and candidates as well as potential members can count on the integrity of the member viewpoints expressed here.

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Quotes " This testimony is being submitted from the very depths of my spirit. Having long been a student of esoteric sciences and well quite familiar with Freemasonry, my destiny caused me to search long for the roots of Freemasonry. Being a member of stilthy orders and studying for over 40 years I finally came to a most blessed port, and that destiny is AFMR." Quotes
Honored and priviledged to be a AFMR Freemason

Quotes If anybody wants to know I had been a freemason for a long time but I was inactive in my lodge a long time ago. Me and some other brothers talked one day and one said if any of us heard about the Moorish Rite and giving degrees on internet. I cracked up and everybody cracked up for a long time. I got home and checked out the website. Then I told other people about it but they was curious about it like when something is just not right but we kept going back on the website and checking it out a whole lot. Then we said that one of us would try it out but we all would see what it was. I am so glad that I was the one who tried it out because it wasn't what I expected. I have learned so much and I only got the Asiatic degree and that's just the first degree. I feel like I have been enlightened more with one Moorish Rite degree then the three degrees that I had in my other lodge back then. When I got the materials and really studied everything I felt like I had real light for the first time. Quotes
Brother John
Enlightened Freemason!

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